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Solar Max Onyx Ultra PV 9000 – 6KW Hybrid Inverter


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Solar Max PV 9000 Price And Features:

Introducing the SolarMax SM-ONYX-UL-6KW Hybrid Invrter, an upgraded model for 2024 from the renowned SolarMax brand. The Solarmax Onyx 6kw price in Pakistan is 385,000. This advanced inverter boasts a host of new features and improvements, making it an ideal choice for modern solar installations.

This new generation Onyx hybrid series of inverters is designed to handle heavy loads efficiently, including smart and critical appliances. Its dual output connections make it versatile and adaptable to various energy needs. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest lithium-ion batteries, offering built-in BMS options for enhanced performance and long-term backup solutions.

Backed by a 6-year unlimited replacement warranty and lifetime free service, the Solar Max 6kw hybrid inverter ensures peace of mind and reliable operation for years to come. With its innovative features and dependable performance, it sets a new standard for solar inverters in the market.

Solar Max Onyx Ultra 6kw Inverter Features:

  1. LCD Display:  The inverter comes with an upgraded LCD, simplifying the monitoring and control of system parameters for users.
  2. Reset ON/OFF Button: A convenient reset ON/OFF button allows for quick and easy operation.
  3. Max AC Dual Output 6000 watts: The inverter provides a maximum AC dual output of 6000 watts, ensuring ample power for various applications.
  4. Dual MPPT PV Input 9000 watts: With dual MPPT PV inputs of 9000 watts, the inverter maximizes energy harvesting from solar panels.
  5. Max Charging Current 120A: The inverter supports a maximum charging current of 120 amps, facilitating efficient battery charging.
  6. MPPT Range 70 ~ 520VDC: The MPPT range of 70 to 520 volts DC ensures optimal performance under varying solar conditions.
  7. Max PV Input Voltage 550VDC: With a maximum PV input voltage of 550 volts DC, the inverter accommodates high-voltage solar arrays.
  8. Start Operating Voltage 90VDC: The inverter has a start operating voltage of 90 volts DC, enabling early power generation.
  9. Battery Voltage 48V: Designed for 48-volt battery systems, the inverter ensures compatibility with common battery configurations.
  10. Battery Voltage Range 40~60VDC: The battery voltage range of 40 to 60 volts DC offers flexibility in battery selection.
  11. Built-in BMS (Battery Management System): Integrated BMS ensures optimal battery performance and longevity.
  12. Set Bulk & Float Voltage for Lead Acid / Flooded Batteries: Users can set bulk and float voltage levels for lead-acid or flooded batteries, optimizing battery charging.
  13. Built-in Bluetooth For Parameter Settings from Mobile: Bluetooth connectivity allows for convenient parameter settings and monitoring via mobile devices.
  14. WiFi Dongle included For Remote Monitoring & Firmware Update remotely: The included WiFi dongle enables remote monitoring and firmware updates for enhanced system management.
  15. 9 Units Can be Parallel:  In single-phase configurations, scalability is possible as up to nine units can be paralleled, expanding the system’s capacity to meet growing energy demands.
  16. 3 Units Can be Parallel in Three Phases: In three-phase setups, three units can be paralleled for increased power output.
  17. Pure Sine Wave: The inverter generates a pure sine wave output, ensuring compatibility with sensitive electronic devices.
  18. Net Metering Feed Into Grid: Supports net metering, allowing excess energy to be fed back into the grid for credits.
  19. Easy to Install (Plug & Play): Installation is a breeze with the plug-and-play design of the inverter, ensuring hassle-free setup.
  20. Built-in CT Function: The built-in CT function enables self-consumption applications, maximizing the benefits of solar energy generation.
  21. Work With Generator & Automatically Start the Generator: The inverter can work with a generator and automatically start it when needed, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

Note: Solar inverter prices in Pakistan can fluctuate due to various factors. Such as changes in currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. These fluctuations can impact the cost of solar inverters. Making it essential for consumers to stay updated on the latest pricing information before making a purchase decision.

Download Solar Max Onyx Ultra PV 9000 Datasheet

Max PV Array Power

9000 W

Battery Voltage

48 VDC

Nominal Output Current



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