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Inverex Aerox 5.2 Kw Off-Grid Solar Inverter

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Inverex Aerox 5.2 Kw Specifications

The Inverex Aerox 5.2kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter presents a robust solution for sustainable energy use:

  • Capacity: With a formidable 5200 watts capacity, this inverter ensures efficient power conversion.
  • Voltage and Selectable Range: Operating at 230 volts with a selectable range between 170-280 VAC, it offers flexibility in voltage settings.
  • Frequency Range: Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency ranges, accommodating various power system standards.
  • AC Voltage Regulation: Maintaining stability, the inverter regulates AC voltage at 230VAC with a tolerance of +5%.
  • Efficiency: Exhibiting peak efficiency between 90% to 93%, it optimizes power utilization during operation.
  • Transfer Time: Providing a swift transition with a transfer time of 10ms for PCs and 20ms for home appliances.
  • Waveform: Delivering a reliable and clean power supply with a pure sine wave waveform.
  • Battery Voltage and Charging Parameters: Operating at 48VDC, it ensures effective energy storage. The floating charge voltage is set at 54VDC, and overcharge protection activates at 64VDC.
  • Solar Charger Features: Utilizing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, it supports a maximum PV array open circuit voltage of 450VDC. The MPP range at operating voltage spans from 120 to 430VDC.
  • Charge Currents: The inverter supports a maximum solar charge current of 80A and a maximum AC charge current of 80A, facilitating efficient charging from both solar panels and the grid.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Compact in design, it measures 140 x 295 x 465 mm and weighs 12.2 kg, ensuring space efficiency.
  • Communication Interface: Offering versatility, the inverter features USB/RS232 communication interfaces for seamless connectivity.

The Inverex Aerox 5.2kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter is a comprehensive solution, combining efficiency, flexibility, and advanced features for a reliable off-grid power supply.


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