Fronus PV 5200 Platinum Solar Inverter


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Fronus PV 5200 Price And Features – 4Kw Hybrid Inverter

This versatile inverter/charger is a multifunctional device that integrates the capabilities of an inverter, solar charger, and battery charger. With a compact and portable design, it provides uninterrupted power support. The user-friendly LCD display offers configurable options and accessible buttons, allowing users to easily adjust settings such as battery charging current, AC/Solar Charger priority, and acceptable input voltage for various applications.

  1. Compatible With Lithium-ion Battery:  Enhance your energy setup with our advanced solar inverter, meticulously crafted for seamless compatibility with lithium-ion batteries. Experience optimal efficiency and performance as you harness solar power effortlessly and store it for your needs.
  2. RGB Lights for Aesthetics:  Immerse yourself in innovation with the addition of RGB lights to our solar inverter. These captivating lights not only elevate the aesthetics but also seamlessly blend functionality with a vibrant visual dimension, adding a colorful twist to monitoring your system.
  3. 120A Max PV Charging:  Unlock high-performance solar charging capabilities with our inverter’s impressive 120A Max PV Charging feature. Utilize the sun’s potential to the fullest, rapidly charging your energy storage system for enhanced energy capture and storage efficiency.
  4. Touch Screen LCD:  Take control of your energy management with the intuitive touch screen LCD on our solar inverter. Navigate settings, monitor performance, and optimize energy usage at your fingertips. Elevate your solar journey with user-friendly control and real-time insights, making energy management a simple touch away.
  5. Work With Battery:  Adapt to any energy scenario with our versatile solar inverter, designed to seamlessly function with or without a battery. Harness the full potential of solar power, optimizing consumption when the sun is shining and effortlessly storing excess energy when needed.
  6. Upgraded MPPT:  In our commitment to innovation, we’ve upgraded the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) in our solar inverter. This latest enhancement ensures unparalleled efficiency, allowing you to capture more energy from your solar panels and ensuring optimal performance in varying conditions.
  7. Anti Dust Kit:  Introducing our revolutionary Anti Dust Kit, built directly into the solar inverter. This kit is tailor-made to enhance performance by utilizing advanced filters and shielding, preventing dust and debris from compromising vital components.
  8. Pure Sine Wave:  Experience energy excellence with our solar inverter’s pure sine wave output. Delivering clean and stable power, it ensures compatibility with sensitive electronics and appliances. Enjoy a seamless energy transition that prioritizes performance and safeguards your devices.
  9. Wifi Controller:  Embrace the future of energy management with our solar inverter featuring a WiFi controller. Stay seamlessly connected to your energy system, enabling remote control and monitoring. Optimize energy usage and track performance effortlessly from any location. Experience the convenience of smart energy management with our WiFi-enabled solar inverter.
  10. Price: Fronus PV 5200 price in Pakistan is 149,000 rupees. Please note that prices can be subject to change due to market conditions, currency fluctuations, and other factors. So it’s advisable to reach out to local suppliers for the latest information.

Fronus Pv5200 Platinum Series Solar Inverter Datasheet

Rated Active Power


Surge Power




Dimension D * W * H (MM)



9 KG


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