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Solar Panel Price In Pakistan 2024 - Today Rates

The solar panel price in Pakistan starts from Rs.39 per watt to Rs.48 per watt. Here is a list that will help you to know the prices of most selling solar panels in Pakistan market.
Brand & SpecificationsPer Watt Rate
Canadian Topcon Solar Panel Price47
Canadian Single Glass or Monofacial panel price44
Longi Himo 5 Solar Panel Price41
Longi Himo 7 N Type Bifacial Solar Panel Price44
Longi Himo 5 Bifacial Solar Panel Price42
Jinko P Type Monofacial or Single Glass Price40
Jinko N-type monocrystalline price42.50
JA Single Glass or Monofacial Panel Price40
JA 550 Bifacial/double glass Panel41
JA N Type Bifacial Solar Panel Price41

Knox Inverter Price In Pakistan 2024 - Today Rates

Here is the price list of Knox solar inverter in Pakistan that will help you to know the prices of most selling solar inverter in Pakistan market. You can buy!
Brand & ModelRated PowerPVTypePrice
Knox Lithium 48V 102Ah Battery5Kw395,000
Knox Krypton 50003Kw5000Hybrid155,000
Knox Krypton 56004Kw5600Hybrid170,000
Knox Krypton 72006Kw7200Hybrid220,000
Knox Krypton 75006Kw7500Hybrid230,000
Knox Krypton 80006Kw8000Hybrid240,000
Knox Krypton 110008Kw11000Hybrid410,000
Knox Krypton 1300011Kw13000Hybrid475,000
Knox Xenon 9000 IP656Kw9000Hybrid IP65325,000
Knox Xenon 11000 IP658Kw11000Hybrid IP65455,000
Knox Xenon 16000 IP6512Kw16000Hybrid IP65825,000
Knox G2 5kw On Grid5Kw7.5KwOnGrid IP65200,000
Knox G2 6kw On Grid6KwOnGrid IP65215,000
Knox G2 8kw On Grid8Kw12KwOnGrid IP65
Knox G2 10kw On Grid10Kw15KwOnGrid IP65245,000
Knox G2 15kw On Grid15Kw22KwOnGrid IP65300,000
Knox G2 20kw On Grid20Kw30KwOnGrid IP65350,000
Knox G2 30kw On Grid30Kw45KwOnGrid IP65480,000
Knox G2 40kw On Grid40Kw60KwOnGrid IP65520,000
Knox G2 50kw On Grid50Kw75KwOnGrid IP65600,000
Knox G2 110kw On Grid110Kw165KwOnGrid IP651370,000
Knox Argon 35003Kw3500Off Grid125,000
Knox Argon 45003Kw4500Off Grid145,000
Knox Argon 60005Kw6000Off Grid175,000

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