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Inverex Veyron 6kw Solar Inverter Price


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Inverex Veyron 6kw Price and Features:

Presenting the Inverex Veyron 6kW – II Mppt Solar Inverter 6000W-48V Solar Inverter, a powerhouse of advanced features:

  • Dual Output Option with 6000W Inverter:
    • Enjoy flexibility with a dual output option and a robust 6000W inverter for versatile energy distribution.
  • Auto Synchronization with Inverex Lithium Battery:
    • Seamless integration with Inverex Lithium Battery ensures efficient energy storage and utilization.
  • Grid-Tie/Net Metering Option:
    • Equipped with a Grid-Tie/Net Metering option for optimizing energy consumption and grid interaction.
  • No Zero Export Device Required:
    • The inverter eliminates the need for a Zero Export Device, streamlining the setup for grid-connected systems.
  • Optional Parallel Kit (Up to 9 Units):
    • Enhance power capacity by utilizing the optional parallel kit, allowing parallel connection of up to 9 units.
  • Works Without Battery Directly On Solar:
    • Providing flexibility, the inverter operates directly on solar power without the need for a battery.
  • Built-in MPPT Solar Charger (Up to 6500 Watts – 120 Amp):
    • The built-in MPPT solar charger supports up to 6500 watts (120 Amp), optimizing solar energy conversion.
  • Built-In Anti-Dust Kit:
    • Featuring a built-in anti-dust kit, the inverter is designed for reliable performance in dusty environments.
  • Communication Port for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS, RS232):
    • The inverter offers communication ports for Battery Management System (BMS) connectivity through RS485, CAN-BUS, and RS232.
  • Conformal Coating for PCB Protection from Humidity:
    • Conformal coating protects the PCB from humidity, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Built-In BMS & SOC Based Battery Control:
    • The inverter includes a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) and State of Charge (SOC) based battery control for optimized battery performance.
  • 27 AMP MPPT Supports Up to 600 Watts Solar Panels:
    • The 27 Amp MPPT efficiently supports solar panels of up to 600 watts, maximizing energy capture.
  • Built-In Grid Feeding:
    • Incorporating built-in grid feeding capabilities, the inverter seamlessly interacts with the grid for efficient power management.
  • Upgraded Model New Attractive Design:
    • The upgraded model boasts a new and attractive design, combining aesthetics with advanced functionality.
  • PV Solar MPPT Option (120-430 VDC):
    • Accommodates various solar panel setups with PV solar Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in the range of 120 to 430 VDC.
  • 120 AMP Solar Charger:
    • The inverter features a powerful 120-amp solar charger for rapid and efficient solar energy conversion.
  • Works Without Battery:
    • Providing an alternative power supply solution by allowing operation without the need for a battery.
  • 5 Years Warranty:
    • Backed by a 5-year warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for an extended period.

An Inverex Veyron 6kW price in Pakistan is about 300,000 rupees. The Inverex Veyron 6kW Solar Inverter offers a comprehensive solution, incorporating state-of-the-art features to ensure a dependable and efficient solar energy experience.

Download Inverex Veyron 6kw User Manual Pdf or Datasheet

Rated Active Power

6000 W


230 VAC

Max Efficiency


Transfer Time

10 ms for Personal Computer, 20 ms for Home Appliances

Dual Output


Battery Voltage

48 VDC

Solar Charger Type


Grid Type

Single Phase


11 Kg


5.5 Inch


18.4 Inch


11.6 Inch


5 Years


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