Ziewnic 3kw Solar Inverter VM III Pro


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Ziewnic 3kw Inverter – Aim Vm-III Pro (3000-24) 3.0 KVA

The Ziewnic 3kW solar hybrid inverter boasts several notable features:

  1. 100% Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter: Ensures a clean and stable power output, suitable for a wide range of electronic devices.
  2. Built-in (100A) MPPT Solar Charge Controller: Features a robust Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller with a 100A capacity for efficient solar power utilization.
  3. Output Power Factor 1.0: This indicates that the inverter can provide active power equivalent to its apparent power, enhancing its overall efficiency.
  4. Inverter Running with Battery: Allows continuous operation using battery power, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply.
  5. Wi-Fi Optional – Available for IOS/Android: Provides optional Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to monitor and control the inverter remotely through IOS or Android devices.
  6. Built-in Anti-dust for Harsh Environments: Incorporates anti-dust features, making it suitable for use in challenging environmental conditions.
  7. Smart Battery Charger Design to Optimize Battery Life: Utilizes an intelligent battery charging design to maximize the lifespan of connected batteries.
  8. High Input Voltage Range (80~500VDC): Offers a broad input voltage range, from 80 to 500VDC, facilitating easy integration with various solar panel configurations.
  9. Built-in DC Output for DC Fan, LED Bulb, Router, and More: Includes a built-in DC output, allowing direct connection to DC-powered devices such as fans, LED bulbs, routers, etc.
  10. Battery Equalization/Lithium Battery Supported: Supports battery equalization processes and is compatible with lithium batteries.
  11. Adaptable to Main Voltage/Generator Power: Can seamlessly adapt to both main voltage and generator power sources.
  12. Conformal Coating to Prevent Dust & Humidity: Features a conformal coating to protect against dust and humidity, enhancing the inverter’s durability.
  13. Built-in Automatic Electronics Breaker for Overload & Short Circuit Protection: Incorporates an automatic electronics breaker for reliable protection against overload and short circuit situations.

Ziewnic 3kw Solar Inverter VM III Pro Datasheet

Rated Active Power


Surge Power

6000 VA

Max Efficiency


Transfer Time

10 ms for Personal Computer, 20 ms for Home Appliances

Battery Voltage

24 VDC

Dimension D * W * H (MM)

423 x 368 x 172


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