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Max Power Suntronic – 10kw Hybrid Solar Inverter


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Max Power Inverter 10kw Price And Features:

Max Power 10kW hybrid inverter represents a significant advancement in solar energy technology, offering a comprehensive solution for both residential and commercial applications. With its innovative design and advanced features, this hybrid inverter integrates seamlessly into existing solar setups, providing efficient energy conversion and storage capabilities. Designed to optimize energy usage and minimize reliance on the conventional power grid, the Max Power 10kW inverter price in Pakistan is very affordable and offers reliability, performance, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

Features of Max Power Suntronic 10kw Hybrid Inverter:

  1. Pure sine wave output: The inverter ensures that the electricity it generates mimics the smooth waveform of conventional grid power, providing clean and stable electricity for connected devices.
  2. Self-consumption and Feed-in to the grid: The inverter allows users to consume the electricity generated by their solar panels for their own needs while also enabling them to feed excess electricity back into the grid, potentially earning them credits or revenue.
  3. Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery, or Grid: Users can prioritize the source of electricity based on their preferences, whether it’s from the solar panels, battery storage, or the grid, providing flexibility in managing energy usage.
  4. User-adjustable battery charging current: The inverter allows users to adjust the charging current for the connected battery, catering to different types of batteries and optimizing charging efficiency.
  5. Programmable multiple operation modes: Users can select from various operation modes such as grid-tie, off-grid, or grid-tie with backup, allowing them to tailor the system to suit their specific energy needs and preferences.
  6. Built-in timer for various modes of on/off operation: The inverter includes a timer function, enabling users to schedule when the system operates in different modes, enhancing control and efficiency.
  7. Multiple communications for USB, RS-232, Modbus, and SNMP: The inverter supports various communication protocols, facilitating connectivity with monitoring systems and allowing for remote monitoring and control.
  8. Monitoring software for real-time status display and control: Users can utilize monitoring software to access real-time information about the system’s performance, enabling them to monitor and manage their solar energy system effectively.
  9. Parallel operation up to 6 units for 10 KW inverter: The inverter supports parallel operation, allowing multiple units to work together to increase power capacity, ideal for larger installations or applications with higher energy demands.
  10. Max Power 10kw Price: The Max Power inverter 10kw price in Pakistan is 355,000. Please be advised that prices of solar inverters in Pakistan may vary due to factors such as currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. As a result, the prices mentioned may fluctuate over time. We recommend verifying the latest pricing information before making any purchasing decisions.

Download Max Power 10kw Hybrid Solar Inverter Datasheet

Rated Active Power

10000 W

Max AC Input Current

40 A

Nominal DC Voltage

48 VDC


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