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Inverex Nitrox 8kw Hybrid Inverter Price


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Inverex Inverter 8kw Price And Features:

The Inverex Nitrox 8kw hybrid inverter is a top-notch device designed to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity for residential or commercial use. It’s well-suited for powering a wide range of appliances and equipment, making it an excellent choice for large-scale applications.

The Inverex inverter 8kw price in Pakistan¬†is 530,000. The prices of Inverex solar inverters in Pakistan may fluctuate due to various factors, including currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. Therefore, it’s advisable to verify the latest pricing information before making a purchase.

The Inverex Nitrox 8kW comes with an array of advanced features:

  1. Multiple Parallel Operation:
    • This inverter supports multiple parallel operations, providing scalability and flexibility in solar power installations.
  2. High Efficiency:
    • Boasting a maximum efficiency of 97.6%, the Nitrox 8kW ensures optimal utilization of solar energy for enhanced performance.
  3. IP65 Ingress Protection:
    • With an IP65 rating, the inverter is well-protected against dust and water ingress, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging environmental conditions.
  4. Dual MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking):
    • The inclusion of dual MPPT technology allows the inverter to efficiently track and maximize power output from multiple solar arrays.
  5. Generator Compatibility:
    • The inverter supports the generator connection, providing an additional power source for increased reliability.
  6. Internal Surge Protection Device (SPD):
    • Equipped with an internal SPD, the inverter safeguards against electrical surges, enhancing the overall safety of the system.
  7. Zero Export Capability:
    • The inverter features a zero-export function, allowing users to control and limit the export of excess energy to the grid.
  8. Dual Output:
    • The inverter offers dual output options, providing flexibility in configuring the energy distribution system.
  9. Safety Features:
    • Designed with safety in mind, the Nitrox 8kW ensures secure and reliable operation.
  10. Communication Protocols:
    • It supports RS485 and CAN communication protocols, facilitating seamless integration with other devices in the system.
  11. High Power Factor:
    • The inverter maintains a high power factor, contributing to the efficiency and stability of the overall solar power system.
  12. Touch Screen Display:
    • Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen display, the inverter provides easy access to system information and settings.
  13. Remote Monitoring:
    • Users can remotely monitor the inverter’s performance through features like RS485/CAN communication and compatibility with the Inverex Power Cube.
  14. External Light Indicator:
    • The external light indicator offers a quick status check, enhancing user visibility into the inverter’s operational state.
  15. Plug & Play Installation:
    • The inverter features a plug-and-play mechanism for easy installation, eliminating the need for external power during setup.
  16. Water-Proof Design:
    • The IP65 water-proof design enhances stability and resilience in various weather conditions.
  17. External Design:
    • The external design facilitates easier replacement of faulty equipment, minimizing downtime in case of maintenance.
  18. SOLARMAN APP Compatibility:
    • End-users can conveniently monitor energy yields at any time using the SOLARMAN APP.

In summary, the Inverex 8kW Nitrox solar inverter offers a wealth of features tailored for efficiency, reliability, and user convenience across various solar power applications. The Inverex 8kw inverter price in pakistan is mentioned above.

Download Inverex Nitrox 8Kw Datasheet or Manual

Max Efficiency


Solar Charger Type


Battery Voltage Range

40V – 60V

Transfer Time



8000 W

Inverter Type





22.8 Inch


12.9 Inch


9.1 Inch


20.5 KG


5 Years


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