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Inverex Aerox 1.2 Kw Solar Inverter


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Inverex Aerox 1.2 Kw Price And Specifications

The Inverex Aerox 1.2 kW introduces pioneering features to the Pakistani market:

  1. Innovative MPPT Technology:
    • A groundbreaking MPPT-based solar inverter, the Aerox 1.2 kW maximizes solar energy utilization efficiently.
  2. Upgraded Smart Technology:
    • As part of the latest generation, this inverter is equipped with intelligent features for enhanced performance.
  3. Advanced MPPT Solar Charger:
    • With a solar charger capable of handling up to 50 AMP, the Aerox ensures optimal solar energy conversion.
  4. Battery Equalization:
    • The inverter incorporates battery equalization for balanced charging, extending battery life.
  5. Output Power Factor 1:
    • Boasting an output power factor of 1, the inverter provides a reliable and consistent power output.
  6. Compatibility with SNMP Box/Wifi Box:
    • It is designed to be compatible with SNMP Box and Wifi Box, facilitating remote monitoring and control.
  7. New Smart LCD Display:
    • Featuring an upgraded Smart LCD Display, the inverter offers an intuitive interface for easy monitoring and configuration.
  8. Adaptable to Main Voltage/Generator Power:
    • The inverter is versatile, and capable of adapting to both main voltage and generator power, ensuring continuous operation.
  9. Conformal Coating:
    • The inclusion of conformal coating safeguards the inverter from dust and humidity, enhancing its durability.
  10. Configurable AC/Solar Input Priority:
    • Users have the flexibility to configure AC/solar input priority through the LCD settings, adapting to specific energy needs.
  11. Overload and Short Circuit Protection:
    • The inverter incorporates robust safety features, including overload and short circuit protection, ensuring the longevity of the system.

The Inverex Aerox 1.2 kW stands as a technologically advanced and reliable choice for those seeking efficient and small solar energy solutions in Pakistan.

Download Inverex Aerox 1.2kw User Manual pdf


1200 W

Input Voltage

230 VAC

Max Efficiency


Battery Voltage

12 VDC

Transfer Time

10 ms

Solar Charger Type



4.6 Kg








5 Years


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