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Tesla 3kw Inverter Infinity Specifications:

The Tesla Infinity 3kW solar inverter offers several advanced features tailored to optimize solar energy usage and enhance user experience. Let’s delve into each feature in detail:

  1. Data Logging & Storage Web Portal: The inverter is equipped with data logging and storage capabilities, allowing users to track and store performance data over time. This feature enables users to monitor the efficiency and output of their solar energy system.
  2. Inbuilt WiFi & 4G with Mobile App: With built-in WiFi and 4G connectivity, users can easily access and control the inverter remotely using a mobile app. This feature provides convenient monitoring and management of the solar energy system from anywhere, ensuring greater flexibility and control.
  3. Compatibility with Lithium Batteries: The inverter is compatible with lithium batteries, enabling seamless integration with energy storage systems for enhanced energy management and storage capabilities.
  4. Net Metering Standards Compliance: The inverter complies with net metering standards, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their solar energy system with the grid and receive credits for excess energy fed back into the grid.
  5. Pure Sine Wave Output: The inverter produces a pure sine wave output, ensuring stable and high-quality power delivery to connected devices and appliances, thus safeguarding sensitive electronics.
  6. Self-Consumption & Feed-in to the Grid: The inverter supports both self-consumption of solar energy generated for onsite consumption and feed-in of excess energy to the grid, providing flexibility in energy usage and optimization.
  7. Programmable Supply Priority: Users can program the supply priority for PV (solar), battery, or grid sources, allowing for customizable energy management based on user preferences and requirements.
  8. User-Adjustable Charging Current & Voltage: The inverter allows users to adjust the charging current and voltage settings, providing flexibility in battery charging and optimization based on specific requirements.
  9. Programmable Multiple Operation Modes: The inverter offers multiple operation modes, including grid-tie, off-grid, and grid-tie with backup, catering to diverse energy needs and scenarios.
  10. Monitoring Software: The inverter comes with monitoring software for real-time status display and control, enabling users to monitor the performance and operation of the solar energy system in real time.
  11. Parallel Operation: Users have the option to parallel multiple inverters, with support for up to 9 units, enabling scalability and increased power output for larger energy systems.
  12. Battery-less Operation: The inverter supports battery-less operation, providing flexibility for users who may not have energy storage systems and allowing for standalone solar energy generation and utilization.
  13. Cost Of Inverter: The Tesla 3kw inverter price in Pakistan is 230000. Please be advised that solar inverter prices in Pakistan are subject to fluctuation due to various factors. Such as changes in currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. As a result, the prices of solar inverters may vary over time. We recommend verifying the most up-to-date pricing information from authorized dealers or distributors before making any purchasing decisions.

Overall, the Tesla Infinity HLE 3kw inverter offers a comprehensive range of features designed to optimize solar energy utilization. Enhance energy management, and provide greater control and flexibility for users in managing their solar energy systems.

Download Tesla Infinity HLE 3kw Inverter Datasheet


Infinity 3kW 1 ph HLE


1-phase in / 1-phase out

Maximum PV Input Power

4,500 W

Inverter Type

On-Grid / Off- Grid

Nominal Output Current

13 A

Nominal DC Voltage

48 VDC

Dimension D * W * H (MM)

120 x 295 x 468

Parallel Function

Yes, 9 Units




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