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Solis 10kw Inverter Price And Features:

The Solis 10kW on-grid solar inverter is a popular choice for residential and commercial solar installations in Pakistan. Its three-phase inverter with advanced features and high efficiency, ensures optimal energy conversion from solar panels to usable electricity. Designed to meet the specific requirements of the Pakistani market, the Solis 10kW inverter price is affordable and offers reliable performance and seamless integration with grid-tied solar systems.

  1. Solis 3P 4G Three Phase Range:
    • This indicates that the Solis inverter is designed for three-phase systems, which are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings.
  2. 160V-850V MPPT voltage range – ultra-low startup:
    • The inverter has a wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) voltage range of 160V to 850V, allowing it to start up even with low solar irradiation levels.
  3. Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm:
    • The inverter features a dual MPPT design, allowing it to optimize power production by independently tracking the maximum power point for two different strings of solar panels. The precise MPPT algorithm ensures efficient energy conversion.
  4. THDi<1.5%, low harmonic distortion against grid:
    • The inverter maintains Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) below 1.5%, ensuring minimal distortion in the electricity it produces. It ensures compatibility with the electrical grid and reduces the risk of interference with other equipment.
  5. Over 98.7% Max. efficiency:
    • The inverter achieves an impressive maximum efficiency of over 98.7%, indicating that it can convert a high percentage of the solar energy it receives into usable electricity.
  6. Multiple protection levels:
    • The inverter incorporates multiple protection features to safeguard against various electrical faults or anomalies, ensuring reliable and safe operation.
  7. RS485, WiFi/LAN/GPRS (optional) interface:
    • The inverter supports multiple communication interfaces, including RS485, WiFi, LAN, and GPRS (optional). It allows for easy integration with monitoring systems and enables remote monitoring and control.
  8. WiFi monitoring available – Android and Apple App Store available:
    • The inverter can be monitored remotely via WiFi connectivity, and dedicated mobile apps. Apps are available for both Android and Apple devices, providing users with convenient access to real-time performance data and system status updates.

Price Solis Inverter 10kw: The Solis 10kW inverter price in Pakistan is 270,000 rupees. Please note that prices may vary depending on factors such as location, dealer, and any applicable taxes or fees. It’s advisable to verify the latest pricing information before making a purchase decision.

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