JA Solar 540 Watt Panel Mono PERC – JAM72S30


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JA Solar Panel 540 Watt – JAM72S30 MR Series

The JA Solar Panel 540 Watt is a cutting-edge solar module assembled with 118B PERC cells, designed to deliver superior performance and reliability. Its innovative half-cell configuration offers a range of advantages, making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations.

Key features and specifications of the JA 540 watt solar panel include:

  1. Higher Output Power: The half-cell configuration maximizes power output, allowing for greater energy generation and improved efficiency, even in challenging conditions.
  2. Better Temperature-Dependent Performance: With enhanced temperature-dependent performance, the JA Solar Panel maintains consistent power output across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in varying climates.
  3. Reduced Shading Effect: The half-cell design minimizes the shading effect on energy generation, resulting in more uniform power production and increased overall efficiency.
  4. Lower Risk of Hot Spots: By reducing resistive losses, the JA Solar Panel 540 Watt lowers the risk of hot spots, ensuring safe and reliable operation over its lifespan.
  5. Enhanced Tolerance for Mechanical Loading: The module is engineered to withstand mechanical loading, offering increased durability and resilience against environmental factors such as wind, snow, and hail.
  6. Cost of JA 540 Watt Solar Panel: In Pakistan, JA Solar panels have gained popularity due to their superior performance and competitive pricing. JA solar panel 540 watt price in Pakistan is 31,860 (59 rs per watt).

In summary, the JA Solar Panel 540 Watt combines advanced technology, high efficiency, and robust construction to provide a dependable and cost-effective solution for harnessing solar energy. Whether for residential rooftops, commercial buildings, or large-scale solar farms, this module offers exceptional performance and reliability, contributing to a sustainable energy future.

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