Canadian Solar N-Type Bifacial Panel Price


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Lowest Unbeaten Prices Top Quality Ready Stock: 44 per Watt Ex Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

  • 635w: TopCon N-Type Bifacial
  • 605w: TopCon N-Type Bifacial
  • 600w: TopCon N-Type Bifacial
  • 595w: TopCon N-Type Bifacial

12-Year Manufacturing & 30-Year Efficiency Warranty.

Direct import with all original documents:

  1. PSI Report
  2. Type Test Report
  3. COC
  4. Flash Test Report



Canadian N-Type Bifacial Solar Panel 600w – 635w:

Introducing the Canadian Solar TopCon N-Type Bifacial Panel, now available in Pakistan. This cutting-edge solar panel technology offers exceptional efficiency and performance, harnessing the power of bifacial cells to capture sunlight from both sides for maximum energy output. The N-Type technology ensures higher efficiency and better temperature performance, making it ideal for the diverse climate conditions in Pakistan. Canadian solar panel prices are reasonable with all original documentation.

Designed for durability and reliability, these panels are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial installations, providing a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Experience the superior performance of Canadian bifacial solar panels and take a step towards a greener future in Pakistan.

  • Lower Temperature Coefficient (Pmax): -0.29%/°C
    • Increases energy yield in hot climates.
  • Excellent Anti-LeTID & Anti-PID Performance
    • Ensures long-term reliability and performance.
  • Low Power Degradation
    • Delivers high energy yield over the lifespan.
  • Up to 85% Power Bifaciality
    • Generates more power from the back side.
  • Extra Power
    • Provides additional energy output for better efficiency.
  • Lower LCOE & System Cost
    • Reduces the overall cost of energy.
  • Minimizes Micro-Crack Impacts
    • Enhances durability and longevity.
  • Heavy Snow Load up to 5400 Pa, Wind Load up to 2400 Pa
    • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Download Canadian Solar N-Type Bifacial Solar Panel Datasheet


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