Inverex Nitrox 15 Kw On Grid Solar Inverter


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Inverex 15 Kw On Grid Solar Inverter Price and Features:

Introducing the Inverex 15 kW On-Grid Solar Inverter, a reliable and efficient solution for harnessing solar energy. With advanced features such as high efficiency, dual MPPT tracking, and robust surge endurance, this inverter offers optimal performance for residential and commercial solar installations. Built-in interfaces for communication and IP65-rated protection ensure seamless integration and durability in various environments. Plus, backed by a 10-year warranty, it’s a trusted choice for sustainable energy solutions. The Inverex 15 kw on grid inverter price in Pakistan is reasonable with wonderful features.

  1. Maximum Efficiency of 98.3%: This indicates the level of energy conversion efficiency, with higher efficiency resulting in more effective utilization of solar energy and lower energy losses during conversion.
  2. Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller: This feature allows the inverter to optimize power output by continuously tracking the maximum power points of connected solar panels.
  3. RS485/RS232 Interface: These interfaces facilitate communication between the inverter and external monitoring systems, enabling real-time data monitoring and system control for efficient operation.
  4. Transformless Topology: This topology refers to the absence of a transformer in the inverter design. Which typically results in higher efficiency, reduced size, and improved reliability compared to traditional transformer-based inverters.
  5. Three-Phase Operating: The inverter supports three-phase operation, making it suitable for grid connections in commercial and industrial settings where three-phase power systems are commonly used.
  6. High Surge Endurance: This feature ensures the inverter can withstand sudden surges in power or voltage without being damaged, providing durability and protection against electrical anomalies.
  7. Zero Export: With this functionality, users can control the amount of excess energy exported to the grid. It allows for better management of solar energy usage and potentially reducing electricity bills.
  8. High Power Factor: A high power factor indicates efficient utilization of electrical power, reducing wastage and improving the overall efficiency of the electrical system.
  9. AC Connection IP65 and IP65 Ingress Protection: These ratings indicate the degree of protection against dust and water ingress. It ensures the inverter’s resilience and reliability, even in harsh environmental conditions.
  10. 10 Years Warranty (5 Year replacement warranty): This warranty assures the inverter’s quality and performance. The manufacturer commits to replacement or repair within the specified warranty period, subject to terms and conditions.

The Inverex 15 kw inverter price in Pakistan is 380,000. The prices of Inverex solar inverters in Pakistan may fluctuate due to various factors, including currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. Therefore, it’s advisable to verify the latest pricing information before making a purchase.

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