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Ziewnic Z5 – PV 6500 – 4.5kw Hybrid Solar Inverter


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Ziewnic Inverter 4.5 Kw Price And Features:

Introducing the Ziewnic 4.5 kW Inverter, a cutting-edge solution poised to redefine solar energy systems across Pakistan. With its advanced technology and efficient performance, the Ziewnic Inverter offers unparalleled reliability and versatility for both residential and commercial applications. They are designed to excel in the diverse climatic conditions of Pakistan. Ziewnic 4.5 kw price is reasonable. This inverter ensures seamless integration with grid-tied solar systems, empowering users with sustainability. Discover the next level of solar innovation with the Ziewnic 4.5 kW Inverter.

Ziewnic 4.5 kw Features:

  1. Real 6th Gen Inverter: The Ziewnic 4.5 kW hybrid inverter marks the introduction of the 6th generation technology in Pakistan. Represents the latest advancements in solar inverter technology. It is equipped with high-efficiency MOSFET and features a 3-chopper design for enhanced performance.
  2. Multiple Operation Modes: This inverter offers versatile operation modes, including ON, OFF, MKS (Main Kernal Same), and KS (Kernal Same). It allows users to adapt the system according to their specific requirements.
  3. Pure Sine Wave Output: With a 100% pure sine wave output, the Ziewnic inverter ensures clean and stable power delivery, suitable for sensitive electronic devices.
  4. Output Power Factor 1.0: The output power factor of 1.0 signifies that the inverter can deliver the same amount of real power as the apparent power, maximizing efficiency.
  5. Battery Equilizations and Fault Code Features: The inverter includes features for battery equilization (30 programs) and fault code recording (25 programs). It enhances battery management and diagnostic capabilities.
  6. Adaptability to Main Voltage/Generator Power: It is adaptable to various main voltage and generator power inputs, ensuring compatibility with different power sources.
  7. Conformal Coating: The inverter is coated with a conformal coating to protect it from dust and humidity, enhancing durability and reliability in diverse environmental conditions.
  8. Grid-Tied Net Metering with Zero Export: It supports grid-tied net metering with 100% reverse grid feeding and features a built-in zero export function. It allows users to maximize their solar energy utilization.
  9. Automatic Electronics Breaker and Overload Protection: Built-in automatic electronics breaker protects against overload and short circuits. It ensures the safe operation of the system.
  10. Surge Capacity and LCD Function Design: The inverter features a surge capacity of 120% load for 5 seconds. A new color screen LCD design with touch buttons for user-friendly operation.
  11. Optional Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity is available, allowing users to monitor and control the inverter remotely via IOS/Android devices.
  12. Built-in Anti-Dust Feature: Designed to withstand harsh environments, the inverter includes a built-in anti-dust feature for added protection.
  13. Compatibility with Lithium Batteries: It is compatible with all kinds of lithium batteries, offering flexibility in battery selection for the system.
  14. Real-Time Sharing and Charging Current: The inverter enables real-time sharing of data and supports battery charging current of up to 280A (AC + Solar).
  15. MPPT Solar Charge Controller: Equipped with an MPPT-based solar charge controller (180A). The inverter optimizes solar energy harvesting for maximum efficiency.
  16. High PV Input Voltage Range: With a high PV input voltage range of 90-550 VDC, the inverter accommodates a wide range of solar panel configurations.
  17. Dual Output and Multiple Operation Modes: Dual output options for heavy and normal loads. Support for multiple operation modes (On Grid/Off Grid/Hybrid) offers flexibility in system configuration and operation.
  18. European Design and Taiwanese Engineering: The inverter features a European design and is engineered in Taiwan. It ensures high quality and reliability standards.

The Ziewnic Inverter 4.5 Kw price in Pakistan is 165,000. Please be aware that the pricing of Ziewnic solar inverters in Pakistan may be subject to various influencing factors. These include regional differences, supplier policies, fluctuations in market demand, and the availability of additional features. Before making any purchase make sure the price first.

Download Ziewnic Z5 – PV 6500 4.5 Kw Inverter Datasheet


Z5 – PV 6500


One Phase

Max PV Array Power


Rated Active Power


Nominal Output Current


Max AC Input Current


Surge Power


Nominal DC Voltage



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