Knox Lithium Battery 48VDC 52Ah H-U4850G


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Knox Lithium Battery 48V Price And Features

    • Scalable Power Configurations: Knox lithium-iron phosphate batteries can be scaled from 2.5kWh to 20kWh, offering flexibility to meet varying energy storage needs.
    • Modular Design: The modular design enables convenient installation and operation, allowing users to customize their energy storage system according to their requirements.
    • Extendable Modular: Users can easily add additional capacities as needed, providing scalability and future-proofing for evolving energy needs.

  • Safest LiFePO4 Technology: Utilizing LiFePO4 technology ensures a sustained power supply with enhanced safety features.
  • Long Cycle Life: With a cycle life of 6000 cycles, Knox lithium batteries offer reliable performance and durability over an extended lifespan.
  • KNOX Designed BMS: Equipped with a KNOX-designed Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring comprehensive protection and prioritizing safety.
  • Space-Saving Design: The floor space-saving design allows for efficient space management, making it suitable for a variety of installation settings.
  • Communication Support: RS485 and CAN communication support enable seamless integration with various monitoring and control systems.
  • Compatible with Mainstream Inverters: Compatible with a wide range of mainstream brand inverters. Including Goodwe, Growatt, Deye, Victron, Studer, Aiswei, Voltronic, and SRNE, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration with existing systems.

The Knox lithium battery 48v price in Pakistan is 215,000. Kindly be aware that prices in Pakistan may change due to factors like currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. This means that the rates mentioned could differ over time. We recommend verifying the latest pricing information before making any purchasing decisions.

Download Knox Lithium Battery 48VDC 52Ah H-U4850G Datasheet



Cell Technology


Battery Voltage

48 VDC

Battery Capacity

52 Ah

Life Cycle







10 Years Service, 3 Years Parts


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