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Jinko 550W Mono Facial Crystalline Solar Panel Features:

The Jinko 550 watt solar panel price in Pakistan is around 24,500. Jinko Solar panel prices in Pakistan fluctuate due to currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. Stay updated on pricing trends before purchasing.

  • Multi-Busbar Technology: Jinko’s 550-watt solar panel utilizes multi-busbar technology, enhancing light trapping and current collection. This technology improves module power output and overall reliability, ensuring efficient energy production.
  • Reduced Hot Spot Loss: With an optimized electrical design and lower operating current, these panels experience reduced hot spot loss. This contributes to better temperature coefficients and overall performance, especially in varying environmental conditions.
  • Longer Lifetime Power Yield: Jinko’s 550w panel boasts a 0.55% annual power degradation rate and comes with a 25-year linear power warranty. This ensures consistent and reliable power output over the panel’s lifetime, providing peace of mind to users.
  • Certified Durability: The panel is certified to withstand high wind loads of up to 2400 Pascal and heavy snow loads of up to 5400 Pascal. This durability ensures that the panel remains intact and functional even in adverse weather conditions, enhancing its longevity and reliability.
  • Durability against extreme environmental conditions: High salt mist and ammonia resistance.

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