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Growatt 15kw Hybrid Inverter – Mod 15ktl3-x

  1. Max Efficiency: The inverter operates with a maximum efficiency of 98.6%, indicating its ability to convert a high percentage of the solar energy it receives into usable electrical power.
  2. Max Output Current: The maximum output current of the inverter is 25A. This parameter is crucial for understanding the electrical current that the inverter can deliver to the grid or connected devices.
  3. Display: The inverter features an OLED display combined with LED indicators. Additionally, it supports connectivity through WIFI and a dedicated app, providing users with convenient monitoring and control options.
  4. Topology: The inverter uses a transformerless design, known for its efficiency and reduced weight compared to traditional inverters with transformers.
  5. AC Nominal Voltage: The nominal AC voltage is specified as 580V. This indicates the standard voltage level at which the inverter is designed to operate within an AC power system.
  6. AC Nominal Power: The inverter has a nominal AC power output of 15000W, making it suitable for applications requiring a 10kW power capacity.
  7. MPPT Voltage Range: The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) voltage range is between 140V and 1000V. This range signifies the input voltage range within which the inverter optimally adjusts itself to extract the maximum power from the solar panels.
  8. PV Power: The inverter can handle a photovoltaic (PV) power input of up to 22,500W.
  9. DC Voltage: The inverter can handle a DC voltage input of up to 1100V. This parameter is crucial for compatibility with higher-voltage solar panels and arrays.
  10. Grid Type: The inverter is specifically designed for three-phase PV on-grid solar systems, integrating solar power into the existing electrical grid.
  11. Protection: The inverter is rated with an IP66 protection level. This indicates a high degree of protection against dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor and challenging environmental conditions.
  12. Weight: The inverter weighs 16kg, providing a measure of its physical weight for installation considerations.
  13. Price: The Growatt 5kW solar inverter price in Pakistan is 310,000. It’s indeed a good practice to check with local distributors or dealers for the most accurate and current pricing. The prices can vary based on various factors such as location, supplier, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Key Features:

  • LED+APP for Easy Local Maintenance:
    • Equipped with LED indicators and a user-friendly app for convenient local maintenance, ensuring efficient and accessible monitoring.

    Remote Service Access:

    • Remote service capabilities through the Growatt portal, providing convenient access for monitoring and troubleshooting.

    High Yields:

    • Achieves maximum efficiency with a rating of 99%, ensuring optimal energy production.
    • Features 6 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) and accommodates 12 strings, adapting to complex situations for enhanced yields.
    • A wide working voltage range promotes longer production time, maximizing energy output.

    Safe & Reliable:

    • Implements 12-string monitoring and smart string I-V diagnosis, saving time in fault detection.
    • Inverter output power quantity improvement ensures a more reliable and consistent performance.

    Integrated DC Switch:

    • Streamlines the system with an integrated DC switch for added convenience and functionality.

    IP66 Protection Rating:

    • Enhances safety with an IP66 protection rating, safeguarding the inverter against dust and water exposure.

Growatt 15kw Solar Inverter Mod 15ktl3-x Datasheet

Max Efficiency


PV Power


Max Output Current






AC Nominal Voltage


AC Nominal Power


MPPT Voltage Range


DC Voltage


Grid Type

Three Phase PV On Grid Solar Inverter








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