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Crown Nova 8.2kw Hybrid Solar Inverter


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Crown 8.2Kw Hybrid Inverter Price – Nova 8.2kw Pv-12000

Introducing the Crown Nova 8.2 kW Hybrid Solar Inverter, a cutting-edge solution tailored for the Pakistani market. This advanced inverter seamlessly integrates solar power with the grid, offering efficient energy conversion and management. With its innovative features and robust design, the Crown Nova 8.2 kW Hybrid Solar Inverter is set to revolutionize the way solar energy is harnessed and utilized in Pakistan.

The Crown Nova 8.2Kw inverter price in Pakistan is 380,000. Please note that crown solar inverter prices in Pakistan are subject to change due to factors like currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. Verify the latest pricing before making a purchase.

Here’s an explanation of the features of the Crown inverter 8.2 kW in Pakistan:

  1. Pure Sine Wave Solar MPPT-Based Inverter: Ensures efficient conversion of solar energy into usable electricity with minimal loss.
  2. Status Indication with RGB Lights: Provides visual cues to easily monitor the inverter’s operating status.
  3. Built-in Wi-Fi for Mobile Monitoring: Allows users to monitor the inverter’s performance remotely via a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices.
  4. Supports USB On-the-Go Function: Enables convenient data transfer and communication with other devices via USB.
  5. Reserved Communication Port for BMS: Facilitates communication with a Battery Management System for optimized battery performance.
  6. Dual Output for Smart Load Management: Offers flexibility in distributing power to different loads, optimizing energy usage.
  7. Battery Independent Design: Designed to operate efficiently with or without batteries, providing flexibility in system configuration.
  8. 5″ LCD & Touch Pad Dual MPPT Input: Allows for easy operation and monitoring of the inverter’s settings and performance.
  9. Feed-in to the Grid: Enables excess solar energy to be fed back into the grid, potentially allowing users to earn credits or revenue.
  10. Built-in Anti-Dust Kit: Helps protect the inverter from dust and other environmental contaminants, ensuring durability.
  11. RGB Light with Crown Logo: Adding a visual element to the inverter’s design enhances aesthetics.
  12. Compatible with Utility Mains or Generator Input: Allows seamless integration with utility mains or generator power as alternative energy sources.
  13. Configurable AC/PV Output Usage Timer and Prioritization: Offers customization options for prioritizing energy usage from AC mains or solar PV input.
  14. Selectable High Power Charging Current: Provides flexibility in charging batteries at different rates based on user preferences.
  15. Selectable Input Voltage Range for Home Appliances and Computers: Allows users to adjust input voltage settings to suit the requirements of their appliances and devices.
  16. Maximum PV Input Current 27A x 2 (Max 40A): Supports high PV input currents for efficient utilization of solar energy.
  17. Parallel Operation with 6 Units (Optional): Offers the option to connect multiple inverters in parallel to increase overall system capacity and redundancy.

Download Crown Nova 8.2Kw Hybrid Inverter Datasheet


Nova – 8.2KW

Rated Active Power


Parallel Capability

YES, 6 units


230 VAC

Surge Power


Battery Voltage

48 VDC

Max PV Array Power

12000W (6000W x 2)

Dimension D * W * H (MM)

158.4 x 503.6 x 530.8




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