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AGS Tubular Battery 2500 Specifications

The AGS tubular battery is a deep-cycle battery specifically designed for use in UPS and solar systems. It features 11 plates in each of its 6 cells, providing a total capacity of 210Ah over 20 hours. With a central polarity design, it offers robust strength and reliability. The battery type is a deep cycle, ensuring prolonged performance and durability. It comes with an L-type terminal (Nut & Bolt) for easy installation. The battery dimensions are 542mm in length, 225mm in width, and 412mm in container height. The terminal layout is C, and the filled battery weight is 66kg.

The AGS tubular battery 2500 price in Pakistan is 75000. Prices in Pakistan can change because of different reasons like currency rates, demand, and government rules. So, the cost of things might go up or down over time. It’s a good idea to check the latest prices before you buy anything.


AGS SP-Tall 2500

Battery type

Tubular Deepcycle Battery

Plates per Cell


Battery Voltage



210 Ah


542 mm


225 mm


412 mm

Weight (with Electrolyte)



Solar Panels & UPS


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