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Crown Xavier 3.6 Kw Hybrid Solar Inverter


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Crown Inverter 3.6 Kw Price And Specifications:

A Crown inverter 3.6 kw price in Pakistan is 168,000. The prices of Crown Xavier solar inverters in Pakistan may fluctuate due to various factors, including currency exchange rates, market demand, and government policies. Therefore, it’s advisable to verify the latest pricing information before making a purchase.

Here’s an explanation of the features of the Crown Xavier inverter 3.6kW in Pakistan:

  1. Pure sine wave solar inverter with MPPT technology: The inverter ensures a stable and clean AC output, mimicking the waveform of grid electricity, suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology maximizes the efficiency of the solar panels by continuously adjusting the operating point to extract the maximum power available from the panels.
  2. Maximum PV input current increased to 27A: This feature allows for higher current input from the solar panels, enabling efficient utilization of solar energy, especially in conditions of ample sunlight.
  3. Dual outputs for smart load management: The provision of dual outputs allows for the distribution of power to multiple loads, enabling smart load management to prioritize critical loads or balance the power distribution as per requirements.
  4. Wide PV input voltage range of 60VDC to 450VDC: The inverter accommodates a wide range of input voltages from the solar panels, ensuring compatibility with various types and configurations of solar panel setups.
  5. Output power factor of 1: With an output power factor of 1, the inverter can deliver real power equal to its apparent power, ensuring efficient utilization of available power and compatibility with a wide range of loads.
  6. Battery equalization function for extended battery life cycle and performance: The battery equalization function ensures uniform charging across all cells in the battery bank. It preventing capacity imbalances and prolonging the overall lifespan and performance of the battery system.
  7. Battery-independent design: The inverter’s design allows for operation even in the absence of batteries, providing flexibility in system configuration and facilitating the integration of batteries at a later stage if desired.
  8. Built-in 120A MPPT solar charger: The built-in MPPT solar charger efficiently converts solar energy into usable electrical energy for the system. Optimizing charging performance and maximizing the utilization of solar power.
  9. RGB light with Crown logo: This visual indicator provides status information about the inverter’s operation. Making it easy to identify its operational status at a glance.
  10. 5″ LCD and touchpad interface: The large LCD screen and touchpad interface offer user-friendly navigation and comprehensive monitoring of the inverter’s parameters. It allows users to easily access and control various settings and functions.

Download Crown Xavier 3.6 Kw Inverter Datasheet


Xavier II 3.6KW

Rated Active Power



230 VAC

Surge Power


Battery Voltage

24 VDC

Max PV Array Power


Max PV Input Current





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